Our Association

The Dog-sport-association Neustadt / do. Inc accepts all breeds, with or without papers, regardless
of whether they are pure bred dogs or half-blood. It is the association that makes possible all kinds of
dog sports, without any discrimination whether the dog has a pedigree or not, whether small or large.
We give opportunity to every dog to learn obedience.
The point of the education consists in promoting desired and in preventing unwanted.
This must happen in a manner which is adapted to the nature of the dog.
Our teachers are experienced and professional dog guides(trainers) who have achieved high
qualification with their dogs on different championships and have participated successfully at " Bavarian championships " and the World championships.
In our association we pursue an animal-fair dogs education itself , which leans to the behavioral researches.
If you want that

  • your dog has "obedience" e.g. Begleithund, which is done on hearing orders "platz" (lie down) and stays in this position until you recall .
  • Or if you want to pursue the sport for the purpose of educating a protection dog for tracking work, subordination and protection service, you sure will be pleased with us.

We will gladly show to our experienced team of trained instructors how you and your dog are learning and progressing.

A climax of our team work at the association are executions of performance tests. Annually we organize
about three to four tests to allow to prove and register officially the standard of performance of our dogs by
recognized VDH -performance judges. The tests are divided in:

  • Perseverance test = physical condition test of the dog (small and medium size dogs run 2 x 5 km on the leas nearby the bicycle whereas big dogs run 2 x10 km.)
  • Team test obedience exercises in the training area and character examination in the area with complicated traffic conditions.
  • Begleithundeprüfung subordination at the practice ground of consequent examination of the dogs in the everyday contact with people and traffic.
  • Variedness test formerly protection dogs test with degrees 1, 2 and 3, for which following abbreviations are used : SchH 1,2,3. As of 1st of July, 2001 it will be called VPG 1, 2, 3 tracking works, subordination and protection service     
  • International test degrees 1, 2, 3 abbr. IPO 1,2,3 with small differences, apart from that identically like VPG
  • Tracking dogs' test degrees 1 and 2 working out of foreign tracks under complicated conditions

If you have any interest to participate at our tests with your four-legged friend, we shall be pleased to receive you!!
Please do inform us in time about your participation, your visit shall be very appreciated. Under the column "appointments"
you can find our performance arrangements and a lot more.